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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)
January 24, 2009

Our friend Avril Simms aka Neesan, has been tirelessly working round the clock along with many other animal advocates world wide, to expose the sad demise of stray dogs in Turkey. You can find out more by reading the links below.

There are many ways in which stray dogs in Turkey are disposed of, from poisoning to starvation to dumping the dogs in places where they cannot find food or shelter.

This is the reality for thousands of street dogs who are unfortunate to be born unwanted in places where animal welfare resources are at best under funded and at worst non-existent.

The positive news is that volunteers at shelters and members of the public are doing their best to alleviate the suffering and provide food for the stray animals and safe homes in shelters whenever possible.

With help from animal lovers around the world the situation can improve dramatically for many dogs and there are success stories.

Shadow was recently rehomed and here she is enjoying her new life in comfort and peace -

We were nearing the completion of our new cd 'Shelter Me' and there was just one thing missing, a song which would speak up for the stray dogs of Turkey.

This song is dedicated to Avril and her friends who are doing so much to make a difference.

Thank you Avril for your courage and determination to create a safety net for these lost souls. And thank you to everyone who has ever taken a shelter dog under their wing.

There is nothing more precious than helping a friend in need.

My heroes are the rescuer's and those that support them because without rescue there is no compassion and without compassion there is no hope.

Without shelter there is only a lonely journey to be endured in the solitary confinement of misery.

Everyone needs hope and every animal and every human being needs a place to call home.

Love from Maria & Paul xx

'Shelter Me'

Glorious you are to me
Glorious I know you'll shelter me
Frail and young I falter, fall
You are there, I know you hear my call
Light the way and lead me through
Light the way, you know I'll follow you.

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

Doberman mum and pups, Didim shelter

Lottie, long term resident at Didim neuter/release center -

*****HOW TO HELP*****

Click the banner to TARO (Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation) which takes you to a facebook group helping to save dogs at risk on the streets from neglect and cruelty -

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Shelter Me -

Ghosts of the City -

Altinkum's dog shelter -


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