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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)
December 11, 2009


Media Release

Friday, September 17, 2010

Multi-award winning songwriter joins EU Campaign to help save baby kangaroos

A limited and exclusive edition CD has been created to help raise funds for the campaign to have kangaroo products banned across the EU. 440,000 baby kangaroos are brutally killed every year after the mothers are shot for profit, using her meat and skin in what has been described as the biggest land wildlife massacre on the planet.

Maria Daines, the multi-award winning international vocalist and songwriter, who has been described as a mix between Janis Joplin and Melissa Etheridge with a dash of Gretchen Wilson, is the latest person to join the EU campaign to have kangaroo products banned from Europe. In support of the plight of kangaroos in Australia, Maria has co-written a new song highlighting the horrendous way these sentient animals are treated in their native country.

Maria recently said:-“Ending the trade in kangaroo products would end an immense amount of suffering for these amazing and beautiful creatures. When I found out what was happening to the kangaroo I shed a tear and knew I must voice my distress and concern by writing a song. My guitarist and producer Paul Killington is equally appalled by the slaughter of the kangaroo and together we hope we can raise the profile of the campaign by sharing a musical message that shows we care and we want this killing stopped.”

No stranger to the cruel way in which the human race treats animals, Maria has supported US artist Pink at Cardiff International Arena for the Party For Animals World Wide in August 2007, and helped raise £90,000 for animal welfare charities.

Dr Teresa Buss-Carden from The World League for Protection of Animals (WLPA) who originally contacted Maria about Australia’s kangaroo killings, said: "We are thrilled that Maria Daines has lent her powerful voice in support of the 440,000 EU campaign. Her song, “Killing your own”, reflects the unspeakable tragedy which occurs every night in Australia. We are killing our own icon, we are killing our spirit of Australia. We believe that Maria's courageous stand for the millions of baby kangaroos decapitated, bashed or left to die from starvation or predation will encourage many other people from all over the world to join this campaign. She sends a powerful message: It is time to stop the massacre of baby kangaroos!”

AWPC - EU Campaign Director Philip Woolley commented: "This CD brings home the message that killing kangaroos is wrong. More so killing baby kangaroos is totally unacceptable and must stop. We have tried reasoning with the industry in Australia but they are intent on continuing killing these babies and so it is to the outside world and particularly the EU to put an end to this slaughter. This CD is in limited supply only 1000 World wide and will become a "must have" item. We are over the moon with Maria's support."

Maria added: “We must ask ourselves: will the amazing kangaroo, the icon and emblem of Australia, become another victim of mankind's wish to kill everything that lives wild and free?”

Australian Wildlife Protection Council -

'Killing Your Own'

Killing your own
You're only killing your own
How can you kill what you live with?
You're only killing your own

Little babies in the pouch
And they don't know nothing about it, and
Men come along with guns and they shout all around about it
But men are fools and they break all the rules
And end up lost and alone because they're killing their own

People try to save them and one by one they try to heal them, and
Patch up the broken with words unspoken
But millions die with a bullet in the eye
How can you live while your old friends die?

Killing your own
You're only killing your own
How can you kill what you live with?
You're only killing your own

Little Kangaroo, they don't care about you
And while you try to run they just follow with a gun
One day will you be gone? Just a memory, a song
Will they regret the show and know they killed all that they owned

Because they're killing their own
They're only killing their own
How can you kill what you live with?
You're only killing your own
Killing your own
You're only killing your own
How can you kill what you live with?
You're only killing, killing, killing your own
You're only killing your own...

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP