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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)
November 13, 2008

I wish I had a galgo!

So here is a song to celebrate these wonderful special dogs and also to celebrate our visit to SOS Galgos, Spain, on 22nd November 2008, for a fund raising event in Barcelona.

Please feel free to download this song and share it to help spread a positive message that greyhounds and galgos (Spanish greyhounds) make fantastic companions and their welfare and protection is vital.

Photographs by Mary Alice Pollard




I got my galgo
And he's all the dog I need
I got my galgo
And I know he cherish me
I got my galgo baby
I rescue him he rescue me

I got my galgo
And he the cutest dog in town
In Barcelona why people look and point him out
I got my galgo baby
And he's a gentlemanly hound

You need a galgo
N' you'll get all the friends so true
You need a galgo
No one else be good to you
You need a galgo baby
Galgo take away the blues, yeah!

© Maria Daines & Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP
Published by NorthStar Music, UK

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