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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)
January 1, 2008

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Banner art created by Mary Alice Pollard, CVFA


A song inspired by a conversation with Janice Blue of Go Vegan Texas radio, regarding the illegal trade in animal body parts and the diminishing population of wildlife globally.


Body parts, every man comes through the forest stealing things my brothers need
Body parts, they don't know how far their blood lust feeds the greed

First is last, n' last is first but I don't see how man can ever be at peace
And he's the one, the one who knows his actions break a life to cease

Body parts, take the hands of beings living wild and free
Body parts, man snuffs out the creatures, nothing left of me

Would you see, a land without orang-utans and chimpanzees?
I am you and you are me and we are every species

Save our world
Save our souls
Save our world
Save our souls

Body parts, guns n' cold machinery to rob the land
Body parts, a world within a world without a caring hand

Free our hearts, free us from the magnitude of carnal wealth
Leave the path, of war and killing life has only one life left...

Save our world
Save our souls
Save our world
Save our souls

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

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