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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)
August 20, 2006

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Marijo Gillis with Lucky and Zoe on their journey to a better life.

Dedicated to all the rescuer's around the world who are making a difference to the lives of unwanted and neglected animals.

You are giving these precious creatures a voice and a chance, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Rescuers Prayer ~

Oh that I could spare your pain
And tell the world how beautiful you are to me
I see your eyes through cloud and rain
Your spirit is a light beyond the cruelty

You trust in the ones that confine you
You love when the hurt has downed you
Oh if only dreams came true
Oh if only I could save you

Gentle is your heart so near
Broken in a world that never knew your name
I will hold your memory dear
Burning in my soul a precious candle flame

We rescue the ones we believe in
We care ever more in our grieving
Parting is our sorrow's work
Dear Lord make their voices heard...

Oh that I could spare your pain
And tell the world how beautiful you are to me...

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

A wonderful quote by Kathie Sullivan-Parkes.
East Corinth, VT, USA.

Until you have held a tiny puppy in your arms as it kissed your face with slobbery puppy breath and felt the love. Until you have held an injured or severely ill dog in your arms and felt their pain. Until you have looked into the eyes of a tired, aging, senior dog and felt their wisdom. And until you have seen and understood the look in your dogs eyes that tell you their time on earth with you is over... And you humanely let them go...

You will never understand the life of a rescuer.

We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces.

It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within.

We are Rescue.

The photographs below are of Marijo Gillis, WAG, New York (Welfare for Animals Global) rescuing Lucky and Zoe from a terrible fate.

Thank you to Mary Alice and Paola for sharing the news about this wonderful lady who has done so much for animal welfare and who continues to save and protect animals all over the world every day.

For the rescuers, a prayer in song...

Love from Maria & Paul xx

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Lucky & Zoe almost home

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Lucky who was paralysed, a very happy dog today :)

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Zoe who was also paralysed, both dogs are now in a forever home :)

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The story of Lucky & Zoe as told by their rescuer...

My greatest reward -April 2004 - the arrival via Olympic Airways to JFK of two paralyzed pups from Greece that had been beaten to within an inch of their lives. It took almost two months after my departure from Athens and a miracle and almost getting shot, but I got them out of a hoarder's lair - they live on a farm sanctuary in upstate New York and are fitted for wheelchairs.

Once upon a time, there was a miracle. Heaven opened her mighty doors and a ray of brilliant white light shown down upon two little Greek dogs. Paralyzed, starving and without any hope, their little hearts filled with despair, these two abandoned, mixed breed dogs had languished at a hoarders lair in Northern Greece for more than a year. Their bodies were broken and deformed.

The two pups were nothing but bone and disheveled, filthy fur. Their little bodies covered in pressure sores, were bleeding and infected.

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I had traveled to Greece many times in the last few months on behalf of the animals and for my meetings with Greek government officials. In March of 2004, I was invited by ERT TV to participate in an expose documentary detailing the horrors of life in Greece for countless companion and farmed animals.

During my journey I was blessed by the universe to find these two wretched pups. Their condition was heartbreaking. I photographed them but due to circumstances of travel and a truck laden with film equipment and crew I was unable to rescue them immediately.

As I prepared to leave, one of the dogs, the little black border collie mix tried to crawl after me, whimpering. I hesitantly left the shelter with a heavy heart sobbing uncontrollably.

After two weeks in Greece, I returned home to my base in New York City. The images of these two paralyzed dogs and the hundreds of others tethered there in abject misery haunted me day and night.

I vowed that I would find a way to bring them to the United States and a secure and peaceful life.

After an exhausting search to find temporary refuge for these two abandoned, brutally beaten and neglected dogs, I put a plan in motion to procure them from the demented "keeper" of the shelter and transport them to a safe house in a venue far from the hellhole in which they existed in the northern Greek city of Salonika..

The ultimate plan was a mercy airlift to New York

An incredible relay of Greek rescue teams executed a brilliant "escape" for the dogs.

At a safe house in the far reaches of northern Greece, in a tiny village they were loved and, fattened up by a lovely English girl and brought to a very compassionate vet for testing and treatment.

WAG New York (Welfare for animals Global/Welfare for Animals in Greece) is a charitable organization, pursuant to the laws of New York State and funded the rescue and transportation efforts for these two miracle pups. We were also able to persuade the incredibly compassionate administration of Olympic Airlines to transport the dogs free of charge to JFK airport in New York City

Six weeks after their rescue, they were healthy enough and ready for travel. Their angel of a foster Mum, prepared them for the 30 hour trip from the northern most tip of Greece to Salonica, to Athens, and then to their final destination in the United states.

Angela Fleming of Frontida Zoon, Baby Zoe and Baby Lucky's "Godmother" was the match that ignited the fire to bring them to their forever "home" in New York. I adore her and without her, the Greek Animal Welfare Movement would be at a loss.

On April 7th, Joseph Pastore, a volunteer from New York City's Animal Care and Control, and I drove to JFK (in a van donated by Enterprise rent a Car in Manhattan) and awaited the arrival of the dogs and their clearance of customs. God, how New Yorkers can come together in harmony when a creature is in desperate need!

As soon as the Olympic Cargo manager announced their arrival at the Customs terminal, a rousing cheer broke out from at least 20 airport workers who had gathered to welcome them to the USA. I, of course being the dramatic Italian, broke into tears once again, but this time they were tears of joy.

The 30 hour trip had taken their toll andparalyzed Baby Zoe and Baby Lucky (we baptized them right there and then) were covered in poop and urine and frightened half to death.

I came to the airport with all the equipment needed to clean them and soothe them. They received a mini bath right there on the floor of the cargo terminal, fresh bedding – and actually, two pristine, white fluffy pillows from my bed at home.

They were too frightened and too exhausted to drink or eat so we packed them gently into the van and began our two hour journey to the farm sanctuary where they now live in absolute peace and safety.

We arrived at the farm and gently removed Baby Zoe and Baby Lucky from their crates. We hugged them, kissed them and what a surprise. They dragged themselves into our laps (as we were all sitting on the floor) and pressed their little faces into ours. Their tongues kissed us and their eyes said the rest.

Examinations by orthopedic specialists and x-rays indicate that these two little mutts had multiple fractures of their spines and other bones, which left them partially paralyzed. The veterinarian in New York stated that at the time of accident or beating, their pain had to have been excruciating. So, Baby Zoe and Baby Lucky were fitted for wheelchairs and they run and play and glory in their new "paradise". Their friends are pigs and ducks and an extraordinary array of loving and well cared for animals and kind people. They are the lucky ones...but the rest in Greece and other brutal countries, and those that I had to leave behind at the hoarders “Animal Aushwitz” in Salonika/?

I still grieve for them. I see their faces, each and every one and I feel their pain in every part of my body, heart soul and spirit. I grieve for them and I always will.

I vow to make a difference and I vow to make a difference in the lives of animals in this universe as I take my last breath.

As I said in the beginning: Once upon a time, there was a miracle.

Marijo Anne Gillis

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Paola ~

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Mary Alice ~

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The rescue of Britches, click on banner to view film ~

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