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Maria Daines: YOUR WORDS


May 27, 2006

Thank you ! As I wrote you: unfortunatly my english is not good enough to tell you what I really feel listening your music ... you're great ! Warm greetings from all members and friends of "Far from Fear" Germany and from all our maltreated dogs.
A big hug (un abrazo fuerte) Ulrike,

Linda...( Cherokee Lady )

May 22, 2006

Just want to see I am so thankful the " Great Spirit " led me to a wonderful friend like you. I admire and respect you so much.Keep up your beautifull singing and all you do for the animals.You will always be in my heart...:)

Kay C

May 21, 2006

I just listened to your song for Mercy. You have such a beautiful voice. I have heard your song, I Am The Owner Of This Coat. You have done a great job on both of them. I have not listened to any others, although I have seen many listed on your page. Keep on singing. I love your voice.

Martha Denton

May 19, 2006

Thank you for your beautiful tribute to Mercy. May she rest in peace.

Steve and Dana Seifert (Raincloud Music)

May 17, 2006

A beautiful song. Thank you.


May 17, 2006

Hey, Maria this is your # 1 fan in the go girl...good song for a ladytrucker like me,lol....Of course you know I love everything you do, & your right...Paul played a mean harp on this one...good beat....good truckin music...thanks for the love you have for your music & the love for our animal friends..I listen to ya all the time...keep um comin girl....
Hugs, Candy


May 11, 2006

Dear Maria and Paul,

I just anted to drop by and say how very proud I am to be your friend !!!!

In all that you do in your music, and education of us all, I want to give you an extra special thanks and recognition.

I know this might seem strange, but, I have made up a special award for you both. It's called the;


This is in recognition of all your contributions to the world wide community through your amazing music and selfless giving of your time and energies to many causes that need to be addressed !!!!

I don't have a certificate to give to you for this. I can only offer my words and deep gratitude for your continued concern and efforts to give those without a voice, that need assistance in being given some attention, and or, protection, a voice through all your actions and music.

I know that many people have been enriched by your music and willingness to offer compassion through education.

I am one of those people !!!!



*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* VOICE OF THE VOICELESS COMPASSION AWARD 2006

MARIA DAINES & PAUL KILLINGTON *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Bryan Anthony

May 8, 2006

Hi Maria and Paul:

Great new site!

I've been following links in email to other sites too. Good idea! More exposure isn't going to hurt at all. Myspace, any space you can be on is the way to go, but it wouldn't amount to much of anything if the music wasn't great. In that regard, no matter what I hear, or from which page I hear it, it just seems to get better and better and that , to my way of thinking, means you and Paul are focussed on what counts most of all...the music itself. The song I heard over on Myspace really rocks.

So, for God's sake, don't stop now. Push it to the max (wherever you can find space to do it) cos people sure do got to hear this.



May 8, 2006

me again, i dont even know my own email address, this is the right one ,not the last one i just sent. i think ?????
Pete C


May 8, 2006

fancy a bash down the lower whopping conker club Paul ??hehe!, oh no, it burned down , i forgot, we had some good friday nights up there m8 eh? i do miss all that and of course our good friend "Dave Killick" who past away not too long ago, what a great bloke, and a good laugh he was.
i just thought i would stick a few lines on here to say hello to you both.
your old cack handed bass playing friend,
Pete Cornelius


May 7, 2006

Maria and Paul,

I have now visited this great site of yours many times since its inception a short time ago.

I want to say thank you for all your generousity of the giving of your talents, time and energy towards educating us all about many important issues and concerns.

Specificaly, the links that you have set out for us all to share are amazing !!!!

Thank you both for your music and friendship, for which, I know, many are also grateful for !!!! (Too many for's, sorry ;-)

I'll be back again, and look forward to seeing and hearing more !!!! :-)

Keep up the great work that you are involved in !!!!!




May 7, 2006

Dear Maria and Paul,
My husband and I recently heard some of your songs on radio, a wellknown dutch podkast, and we were deeply moved by your voice and the music. So you have some dutch fans as well!
Love, Jan and Steveline

Mary Alice

May 6, 2006

So proud of your new songs - well we love all your songs but they just keep getting more powerful and wonderful - thank you for all you do for our animal friends around the world - and for being such a good and supportive friend :)
Love you guys lots

Susen Kaylo-Raas (LadyHawke)

May 3, 2006

Journeyed back to your place on MySpace and was listening to your awesome music, and noticed the link for yours and Paul's website. Your site is lovely..I've enjoyed looking around it and listening to more of your's and Paul's awesome music and lyrics. I've been working on a Powerpoint slideshow for Mary Alice, created around your song, I'm The Owner Of This Coat. That song as well as the slideshow has affected me deeply as I worked putting it together. I've never cried so many tears before while working. Keep writing, keep playing, keep singing..all of your music has really touched me immensely. Thanks, Maria and Paul,

Susen (LadyHawke)
~LadyHawke's Land Beyond The Myst~

Carol Douglas

May 3, 2006

Hi Maria and Paul,
Your new website's superb!
OK you've heard it so may times, but you really are the two most talented, prolific, and endearing indie artists I've come across.
In just over 12 months, you've sure made a massive impact in the music communities on the web.
Not only with your own huge catalogue of well written, expertly produced songs, but also with your untiring devotion to helping good causes, and other musicians.
You're true "gems of the net" and it's a real privilege to have you as friends.
Thanks for all you've done for me personally, and as you know, I'm with ya.... all the way!
(OK I'll go now before I need some tissues!) LOL!
Lots o Love.


May 2, 2006

Hello both!

Looking good by now... I'm still struggling with that site wizard thing... haha! Stupido!!!...I really must look up Sahib Radio...sounds great!!! Take care, and speak to all

Gordon xx

Borty Bee

May 2, 2006

Eyoooo Hatsies dear !!!!
Whoazy whoozy kunky !!! Very lovely new site, definately digging the colours. Great menu .... now where can I find some food :D hehehhee. Awwwww, I wish you all the luck and the best and much much much sun and cookies and goodies, ya know ;) hihihi.
See you very soon Uncly & Aunty Hatsy !!!!
Much much much love,

Colin Bennett

May 2, 2006

I loved the song Andrew, obviously someone dear to you, I will leave it there! Have you ever thought of doing an acoustic version of The first time ever I saw your face, I think it could be Brilliant!-Colin.

Colin Bennett

May 2, 2006

Hi Guys, Hope you are both well, love the new site, keep the good work going with the fur trade, you know when I see those little baby seals, god and to make some bitch like Kate Moss warm, something is wrong with society! please dont be angry with me I went by a field where sheep were grazing, and I shouted out mince sauce! (sorry) No but seriosly you both are doin a Great job,Im just going to listen to some of your music, I have a brandy in one hand, and another in the other hand, some people tell me it is easier to put the two in the same glass, I mean what do they know. (BFN)-Colin.

Priscilla Hernandez

May 2, 2006

great site, :) I see you've had a great success lately, congrats on the awards, well deserved. Your devotion to animals is very inspiring. Allow me to recommend a visit to
this is an association in Spain that save huskies and nordic races from sacrifice and tries to give a second opportunity to abadoned or desrted animals of this race.
Best wishes and regards from a fellow musician.


May 2, 2006

What a wonderful cool-blue site to learn more about you, Maria & Paul...
Thank you very much for inviting us to your new homepage, and I'm proud to know you as musical friends.
We wish you always a wonderful audience... and support for your projects, which can make the world a little better place.
Love & blessings
Pascal from Syngularity

Evan Paul

May 1, 2006

Beautiful website for two of my favourite artists, Maria and Paul, your music is awsome and you never cease to amaze me with your meaningful lyrics to subjects that matter most to mankind. I love you both, rare talents, keep on doing what you do best, we'll keep listening and hopin' for higher ground for you and your band. It's a matter of time, you have a great future ahead of you.

Doctor Memory

May 1, 2006

Hiya Maria & Paul,
Coolomundo new website! Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I really hope this is going to be your year! With all your hard work, you certainly do deserve it!
Going back down the page to Pete's question..... when IS the new cd going to be released? Hmmmnn? :~)
Cheers, Marlon

Mickey Grasso

May 1, 2006

The new site is awesome! Rock on!



April 30, 2006

Mariiiaaaa and Pauuulll
( I have to yell cause you are sooo far across the waater ) I love the site and I adore you !!

Love and HUGS

Gare, MB, Oliver, & Theodore

April 30, 2006

Hi Maria & Paul! We like the new page! We love the photos! Just thought we would leave ya a note to say hi! Gare has some catching up to do too! ;)


Seags (Flying Heroes)

April 30, 2006

Hi Maria and Paul,
Great to see all is going well for you and good luck with the new site!


Seags x

Rich Russom

April 30, 2006

Maria & Paul,

Just stopped by to say Hi to both of you...Great Site! I Love your Music, and will continue to support you & your cause against cruelty.

your friend,

ORPLID Blues Band

April 30, 2006

Hello Maria & Paul,
first our congratulations to all awards.We are happy for YOU !!Thanks for your engagement for a better world and thanks for that wonderful music. We always watching your musical career - it´s unbelievable successful! And thats great. Greetings from the whole ORPLID Blues Band - hope we will stay in contact.

Sahib Radio

April 30, 2006

Hi Maria & Paul
Your new site is looking real good. The very best to you.


April 30, 2006

Hello my friends,
Your new website is very nicely done. Congrats on the 2006 IOMA award!! Well deserved. Best wishes for all your future endevors.
Your friend and fan,

Barbara & Mike

April 30, 2006

Hi Maria & Paul,
Congratulations on your brilliant new site. You two are just amazing your music just hits the spot every time, it's an honour to know you.
Barbara & Mike


April 30, 2006

Hi Maria & Paul,
Nice new site. Hope to catch you live somewhere. All the very best
Digital Blues, the voice of the Blues in Essex, only on

Pedro Considinio

April 30, 2006

Hi Guys....your new website is ULTRA RETRO and very cool...yu always make nice grrovy songs and NOW ya making nice GROOVY
Yu guys are on my favorites list...hey when is the new alBuM getting reeeeeleeesed???


Doc "Mistabluesman" Quinn

April 30, 2006

Hey Now - Nice site!

Maria and Paul, I love the new site. I can see a lot of hard work has gone into this new site and that hard work has paid off nicely!

As always, loving you two, your music and your cause!

Your friend,



April 30, 2006

Hi Maria, hi Paul!
I'm inmidst the preparations for my journey, but of course I had to take my time to check out your new homepage!! Well done!!!
Too bad that I hardly found the time to listen to your music and to contact you lately. After two months away from home I was busy with my family, of course.
I hope you're doing allright and I'm looking forward to hear from you again when I'm back in June.
Love your music!!!!!
BTW, congrats to all those awards I haven't congratulated for yet! ;-)
Your true fan and friend, Dieter

Colin Lynch

April 30, 2006

Hi folks.. now I will not be leaving a message to say how great your website looks because it's 'briliant'!
I would also like to say that, right now, I'm sitting in a hotel room listening (through the walls) to someone playing a mean accordian. That would not happen in a hotel in Liverpool without the guest being visited to be releaved of his/her instrument ;o)

Paul and Maria... your new site also highlights your compassion for animals that is outstanding and very very much appreciated. For my part, I have actually succeeded in geting the girl at he front desk to abandon eating meat by taking her a 'sample' of various veggie dishes over the past two months. This is Alberta, Canada.. a literal beef capital of north America!!!

Thanks also for such intensely mesmerizing memorable music.. I always considered 'treebone'to be one of the very best albums I'd heard from the indie scene but as everyone else can testify... it's a bit ore than that!

best wishes


Nigel Potter

April 30, 2006

Hi guys :)
Top notch new website you have here.
Congratulations on all the success you already have had,and here's to kickin in the closed doors :)

R W Kresiak

April 30, 2006

Maria & Paul,
Hi from across the pond. The new site is looking pretty cool. I wish you both the best of everything.


Texas Jake Lee

April 30, 2006

Hi Maris & Paul!Great looking new website!
Wishing you all the best success....;)

Fra Donaghy

April 30, 2006

Hi guys - great web site!! I'll be sure to stop by more often and check it out!
All the best,
"Frad" :)


April 29, 2006

Hey love the new look! The perfect color for the best blues rockers on the planet! 2006 will be a big year for you
both in many ways...i can feel it coming! Peace and Good Health from your biggest fan and old hippie musician/homesteader/therapist, Pine...


April 28, 2006

Cool new place for the coolest of cool souls and we must express our continued love and adoration to you magical wonders. Many Blessings to this new home of yours.


April 28, 2006

hiya!! Nice site!! I like the layout...could use one like this with the 'guestbook'...I may be quite good at writing HTML pages, or rathter, designing them, because dreamweaver does the coding, not me!! But I am useless when it comes to getting a guestbook or feedback form organised!! hahaha!!

I think I'll probably invest in my web hosts 'Site Wizard' ....see hopw it goes for a fiver a year!!

Now time to het the hay and wander off into dreams of many nice things happening to this world.... :)

thanks a lot for the link here...I just sent your link to a lovely young lady IO know in belarus...English student, (She's studying English for a MAster's) who loves music of I htouthgt she should visit and take a listen!!

hmmmm... I really need to disappear...or I'll never be up in the morning...Morning? It's here now!! :)))

Take care Well done witht his new site....TAKE CONTROL!!! :))

Love to you both,

Gordon xx

Erin Simms

April 28, 2006

Hi Maria & Paul,

Looking lovely as ever. Thanks for directing me here. Wishing you all the best, always.

Erin xxx

Bard of Ely

April 28, 2006

I have a very positive feeling about this and think this is a great move to make so let me congratulate you, Maria and Paul, on this your new site! :)


April 28, 2006

Maria and Paul !!!!

Hey !!!! Your website is looking great for only having it up for a few moments !!!!

I look forward to sending many people here to learn about what fabulous and wonderful people and artists you are !!!!



Mary Alice & Chris

April 28, 2006

What a wonderful new home you have here - I am sure you will have thousands of old and new friends coming here to listen to your music - read up on all the news and take away with them something that perhaps they hadn't thought of before !

Congratulations - and THANK YOU for being here !

We Love You - :)
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